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Jan Trumbo, a senior partner with Opus One, specializes in enterprise email integration, training, and TCP/IP networking.

Ms Trumbo has been helping people design and build email systems from the ground up, working from the lowest levels of Ethernet network configuration all the way to integrated email directory synchronization.

With over eight years of experience in networks and data communications and two decades of experience in programming computers, Ms. Trumbo has become a "Jan of all Trades," working with virtually every network protocol suite on OpenVMS, Unix, IBM, MS-DOS, and Macintosh platforms.

Jan Trumbo has held full-time positions with the University of Arizona, where she was a member of the network management team responsible for the data communications needs of over 50,000 members of the University community; and with Singer-Link, a vast DoD contractor conglomerate which finds real-time flight simulators more interesting to build than sewing machines.

Ms. Trumbo's background in computers came honestly. With a BS in Physics from the University of Arizona, she worked in her family's electrical engineering business as an engineer starting in 1974, alongside her parents and two brothers.

Ms. Trumbo is a frequent speaker and trainer at local and national symposia, focusing on the Internet, Email and TCP/IP. She has published several articles on electronic mail and directory synchronization in computer trade journals.

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